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Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer JLab

Product Code: JL-II-6596

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Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Is a Single Beam Compact and Easy to operate instrument for spectrophotometric analysis of a solution of any concentration.
  • The output is available on a 16 x 2 line alphanumeric backlit LCD display in terms of %transmission (%t), absorbance(abs.), concentration (conc.) And k-factor.
  • This instrument has 100 sample storage memories, printer output for printing data with any dot matrix printer. Rs-232c interface for computer can be provided on request.
  • The use of microcontroller had made it an extremely versatile and state-of- the-art instrument. Facility for using 10 mm path length cuvette is provided.
  • The instrument operates at wavelength between 190 to 1000 nm.
  • Diffraction grating of 1200 lines/mm in the monochromatic produces a linear spectrum.
  • An automatic shutter is provided to stop the light, increases the life of photodiode tremendously.
  • Deuterium lamp (d2) is used in the range 190 to 350 nm and tungsten halogen lamp (w) covers the range 350 to 1000 nm.
  • This is extremely useful in chemistry labs, mineral water testing, pharmaceutical labs, universities, hospitals, research centres, biotechnological, drugs & agricultural labs.
  • This is extremely useful for quantitative analysis.
  • Features
  • Range 190 To 1000 Nm
  • Rs-232C Computer Interface
  • 4 Digit Wavelength Display
  • 4-Position Cuvette Holder
  • Printer Interface
  • 16 X 2 Line Lcd Data Display
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