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Wood Microtome JLab

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Wood Microtome

  • Heavy duty wood microtome, (from the Greek mikros, meaning "small", and temnein, meaning "to cut") is a tool used to cut extremely thin slices of material, known as sections.
  • Important in science, microtomes are used in microscopy.
  • The wood microtome is especially for hard materials such as wood or bones.
  • The microtome of this type has a fixed razor, which slices through the sample.
  • The minimal cut thickness is approximately 35 µm and can be made for comparatively large samples.
  • Wood microtome is a heavy duty microtome for sectioning hard material like wood, bone etc upto 8 x 5 cm size in steps of 1 micron each upto 35 microns.
  • Technical Specifications:-
  • Feed adjustment - 35 micron.
  • Vertical object displacement - 35 micron.
  • Opening of object vice - 65 x 30 mm.
  • Length of slide way - 304 mm.
  • Overall dimension - 686 x 480 x 686 mm.
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