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Lab Over Head Projectors

Product Code: JL-II-6570

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  • Owing to our three decades of industrial experience, we are producing a foremost assortment of Lab Over Head Projectors.
  • Widely used in offices, schools, colleges and meeting rooms, these projectors have bright adjustment attributes due to Anti glare fresnel lens.
  • Our Lab Over Head Projectors are made and designed using quality approved ABS materials at our state of the art machining facility, in conformation with international quality of standards and norm.
  • Features:
  • Rust proof design
  • Twin halogen lamps with quick changer
  • Safety inter lock system
  • Further Details: 
  • 3-Element Vari Focal technology
  • Overhead projector are equipped with a vari focal objective. In order to focus the projector image using a vari focal objective the focal length is changed by adjusting the mobile lenses.
  • Thus the distances between the objective and the working top as well as the projection angle remain constant.
  • At any image size the projection is free of colored fringes.  
  • Neither the position of the objective nor the lamp housing need to be adjusted.
  • OHPs from projection (India) guarantee you clear, focused projections at any image size. Adjusting brown or blue fringes now belongs to the past.
  • Technical Data 
  • Optical System
  • Excellent contrast through very focal lens
  • Optimized brightness due to an Anti glare Fresnel lens
  • Projection platform  285 x 285mm
  • Features
  • Shock proof durability unmatched, 
  • Projector equipped
  • Halogen lamp 2 x 24V/250W.
  • Economy switch DIM / Bright.
  • Whisper quiet cooling twin fan maintains low temperature on the stage.
  • Easy to open working top, push the lock and open to working top.
  • Automatically cut off power of unit while replacing lamp.
  • Email us at sales@jaincoexport.com to further inquire about the product.
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  • Also you can reach us at +91-85699-09696 (Whatsapp).
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