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Rotary Shaker (VDRL ROTATOR) Rotary Shaker (VDRL SHAKER) JLab

Product Code: JL-II-6523

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Rotary Shaker (VDRL ROTATOR) Rotary Shaker (VDRL SHAKER)

  • Suitable for VDRL and other agglutinations tests, blood grouping tests and for mixing of solutions in small flasks, beakers or bottles.
  • Body made of sturdy mild steel sheet duly finished in epoxy powder coating.
  • Tray type platform size 300 x 300mm can take cavity slides, bottles, flasks etc. for shaking upto 180 RPM.
  • An automatic 60 minutes timer can be provided as optional by which shaking duration can be set.
  • Workable on 220/230V AC supply.
  • Optional Accessories : 
  • Automatic 0-60 minutes Timer.
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