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Melting Point Apparatus JLab

Product Code: JL-II-6518

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Melting Point Apparatus

  • A metallic heating block is provided with holes to receive three capillary tubes and a stem type thermometer.
  • The body is finished in epoxy powder coating.
  • The apparatus can measure melting point up to 350°.
  • The block is heated with heating elements and temp. is controlled by a energy regulator.
  • A shadow less lamp is provided to illuminate the capillaries and a focusable magnifier facilitates in observations.
  • The whole unit is housed in a aluminum cast casing and is provided with a control panel.
  • Provided with indicator lamps, energy regulator, on-off switch, cord and plug.
  • The equipment is workable on 220/230V, 50Hz AC supply.
  • Supplied without thermometer and capillaries.
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