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Tissue Floatation Bath JLab

Product Code: JL-II-6505

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Tissue Floatation Bath

  • Double walled Tissue floatation water bath is used for precise control of different samples at constant temperature most ideal for Histological, chemical, clinical and bacteriological laboratories used to stretch and dry cut tissues.
  • It is ideal for tissue culture, enzyme reactions fermentation tissue section processing etc. for preparing distortion less and wrinkle free tissue specimens.
  • Its exact temperature regulation ensures evenly stretched cuttings that are clearly visible in the anodized bath.
  • The cuttings are carefully dried on the warmed rim of the bath.
  • Offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for most demanding applications.
  • Exact temperature constancy of ±2°C.
  • Salient Features:
  • Inner tank (Single piece) made of black anodized aluminum.
  • Housing made of powder coated aluminum.
  • Front panel consist of temperature regulator knob, mains switch and pilot lamp.
  • Inside black and outer surface finished in powder paint, with wide enough rim for drying the wet slides.
  • Thermal loss is prevented by filling mineral wool (Insulation) in space between the outer body & inner tank.
  • Heating elements are positioned in the floor and side walls & a natural mixing of the medium arises, providing better temperature distribution in the bath.
  • Temperature is controlled by imported capillary type thermostat, from ambient to 70oC with an accuracy of +2oC.
  • The low 110mm depth of the bath allows comfortable and safe working.
  • Supplied with Dust Guard Lid made of black anodized aluminum.
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