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Plant Growth Chamber JLab

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Plant Growth Chamber

  • Plant Growth Chamber is a useful to conduct experiments on plant growth in certain controlled environmental conditions.
  • Double walled construction, inner made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel sheet and outer made of mild steel sheet duly finished in powder coated.
  • In addition to a double walled outer door.
  • A full-view clear acrylic door has been provided for inspection of material without disturbing chamber conditions.
  • Three perforated adjustable shelves are provided.
  • Temperature range from 5° C to 50° C ± 2° C is controlled by a Digital Temperature Controller and Indicator.
  • Heating is achieved by insulated elements and cooling by a sealed compressor unit.
  • Inner cyclic illumination is controlled by a 0-24 hrs.
  • Timer and light intensity by a controller.
  • Humidity created in a stainless steel chamber heated by an immersion heater below the chamber, from ambient to 95% ± 3% RH and is controlled by a humidistat.
  • Chamber sizes available:- 

Size (W x H x D)


570 x 875 x 550 mms

10 cu ft.

775 x 900 x 775 mms

20 cu ft.

825 x 1200 x 825 mms

30 cu ft.

900 x 1720 x 800 mms

45 cu ft.

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